Aug 4, 2010

What is psychology?

salam, 2 asgmnt psikologi.. dalam bahasa inggeris n bahasa melayu..huiii, kawan2 semua sempoi jer. tapi aku agak risau.. 
pape pun.. entry kali ni.
what is psychology?

Psychology is the study of human behaviour. Psychology has three faces, namely discipline, science and profession. It is a discipline or a major subject of study in colleges and universities. It is a science or a method of conducting research. It is a profession which requires one to apply special special knowledge, abilities and skills in order to solve human problems.

What do psychologists do? As teachers, psychologists teach the discipline of psychology in universities and colleges. As researchers, psychologists are employed by universities, the government and business organisations to do basic and applied studies of human behaviour. As service providers, psychologist work with people who are coping with problems or suffering from mental or emotional disorders and provide appropiate treatment. As administrators, psychologists work in hospitals, mental health clinics, welfare organisations, universities, colleges and business. As consultants, psychologists with special expertise are hired by organisations to advise on the problem in which he is an expert, such as in market survey, mental health services, education, etc.

Where do psychologists work? Colleges and universities employ many psychologist to teach, do research, counsel students and administer programmes. Many psychologist run their own private practices and provide services to individuals, couples and families. Others are employed by hospitals, mental health clinics, college counselling centres and human services agencies. Business and industries also employ psychologists as trainers, personnel managers and designers of selection, pay and management programmes.

Who should study psychology? If you are interested in working with people, helping them overcome depression, dealing with their problems, etc., you will find careers in psychology interesting. However, you must have an aptitude to get alon  g with people well, speak, convince and at times even influence them. Do you care for people? :)

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