Feb 9, 2015


If you don’t have time for regular cardio, here are a few ways you can keep fit within the confines of your office.

Leg raise

When still implanted in your seat (and without anyone noticing), raise your legs forward underneath your desk and hold for five seconds. Then, lower the legs and suspend without touching the floor. Repeat a few times.

Shoulder shrug

Shoulder shrugs may be a common move during warm-up routines, but that’s no stopping you from doing a few at your desk. Pull your shoulders high, roll them forward and release; for a tougher challenge, hold up something heavy in each hand (ie dictionary or a full water bottle) while shrugging.

Wall push-up

These push-ups are great for beginners. Find a sturdy wall, stand about three feet away facing it and stretch your palms out to reach the wall. With your hands firmly placed on the wall, lean your body in and push back to complete a push-up.

Back stretch

If you’re seated on a swivel chair with wheels, this is great for you. Place your hands on your desk, grip tightly, and push the chair back and stretch your head forward so that it’s in between your arms. Look down at the floor and slowly pull yourself in to complete the stretch.

Standing leg curl

Leg curls help to strengthen the hamstrings. Start by standing and placing both your hands on the back of a chair for balance. Bend your right knee and lift your heel up towards the buttocks. Hold for a couple of seconds and lower leg. Repeat a few times and do the same with your left leg.


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